User Research, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping
2 week sprint
Sketch, Invision, Miro

Venmo is a mobile payment service that allows people to quickly send each other money through their app. Venmo would like to strengthen their brand by introducing a new way for users to donate for social impact and spreading awareness.  Design and integrate a feature into the current Venmo mobile app.


Finding people who were open and willing to talk about donating/financial info proved harder than expected. Which added a more cautious effort to the goal of integrating a donation feature into Venmo without complicating the existing easy-to-use app. Evaluating the current mobile payment option through a competitive analysis provided us with an idea of what already exists. Through a series of interviews we found most people that used Venmo were satisfied with the ease of use. Additionally, those who make donations are more likely to give money to organizations that they trust and have transparency of where the money is going.

“I want to make sure as much of my dollar is going to the cause.”


User Testing

Where does a donation feature fit into the current app without disrupting or adding too many steps. Venmo was created in order to make quick money exchanges with an ease of learnability. In the initial phases it was important to figure out how people are currently using the app. We conducted a participatory study with a user who has never used the app and this individual was able to initiate payment and continue through the app without struggle. This proved we could not deviate too far from the current app flow.

Design Studio

Time boxed brainstorm and sketching sessions were used to get ideas on the table and evaluate which design solutions we were going to continue with. Given our time frame it was a great way to keep the project on track and confirm what we could deliver.


User Flow



One of the main concerns from people who make donations was the ability to see where exactly their money is going. Transparency is an important piece of info when it comes to trusting an organization. Integrating a reliable and trustworthy source will help users research and learn more about the organizations…


Above: Decision to remove the star ratings

Right: To add further transparency of where the data is sourced from. Adding contact info and links to the source would be featured on each charities page.

Venmo App GIF

User Experience Research
Implementing a donation feature be integrated into Venmo without complicating the existing easy-to-use app. Through a series of interviews the team conducted we found most people that used Venmo were satisfied with the ease of use.

Ability to Research
Majority of people interviewed wanted the ability to do their own research on a given organization to see how transparent they are with usage of funding.

Don’t Break It
Venmo is already an easy-to-use app. Our approach to this problem was to not break a perfectly good app, but add a feature without changing the overall structure.

“I donate to organizations that I trust.”

People already use and like the way Venmo, well for the most part, the ability to share your activity publicly makes some feel uncomfortable. Integrating the feature into the app without breaking the trustworthy and reliable function of the app was critical.


During the prototyping phase we performed several usability tests to get our app in front of users. Making sure the new feature worked properly and users were able to easily navigate to the donation screens was critical. One of the testers mentioned how seamless the introduction of the feature was and that it felt as if she using the real app. The team considered this a great success of hitting our goal and successfully integrating our feature.

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